Saturday, March 1, 2008

Diaper Cake for the Newman Twins

This diaper cake is for the twin girls of a good friend of DH's. They are due in June and this is my second diaper cake.
Close up of some of the accessories. There is two different colors of the Pacifier Clips. I also don't have the supplies to make the sock bouquets, so I just open them up like butterflies

Some notes on this cake:I used a giant cardboard spool (like Rex's cake) for the base. Someone suggested using a full roll of papertowels instead of just the tube. Not crazy about this idea at all.
I had to tape the papertowels to the spool base, because it just slid around. Next time I will use just the tube again.I hand tied every diaper with ribbon.
32 1's and 35 2's.
And use more ribbon to loop each diaper together, so they were stayed in put.
This "It's A Girl" ribbon SUCKS. It slides like crazy. I thought the ribbon was fabric, but no such luck. I fear I am going to have to ruin a few diapers taping the ribbon to them. I

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