Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I love Ceramabryte.
I don't even have a ceramic cooktop stove and I use it.
Primarily in my bathroom for my ceramic shower tiles, it cleans and sparkles.
I use it on my chrome bath accessories.
It polishes jewelry.
I use it on my stainless steel sink. It still never stops amazing me how much black crap appears on the cloth. Especially a sink I rinse and clean every day. It even got the hard water stains off a friend's sink, that even barkeeper's friend couldn't get off.

So, I have a set of Wolfgang Puck knives. I love them, but they had little rust spots all over them, and they were less than a year old. Apparently, it's a common problem because Wolfgang cheaped out and used inferior Chinese stainless steel.
After searching online, and seeing that a lot of people were having problems removing the spots without scratching the knives, I used the Ceramabryte. And it took the rust spots off without a scratch.

Seriously, I just want to spread the love. Use it.

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