Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why I hate going to the movies...

To avoid all the hub-bub of all the love-struck fools on Valentine's Day, my love and I celebrated Friday the 13th instead.

This was our first movie and a dinner date in over a year. I personally haven't been in a theater since Twilight (I'm sorry Vampires don't sparkle). For the price of this date, we could own at least 3 copies of this movie later.

Because I didn't want to spend as much at concessions as I did to get in the movie ($9.75 a person) I snuck in Twizzlers and Cookie Dough Bites. We shared a large Mr. Pibb for $5.50. I didn't feel bad because I heard a symphony of soda cans open.

We were real relieved that the giggling group of Tweens were seeing "Push", but I saw them sneak in to "Friday the 13th". I looked at my love and asked "This is rated R, right?"

I was more annoyed by the parents who had children under the age of 5 with them.
The children were quiet, but that's not even the point.
If you can't afford a babysitter so you can go see a boobie filled kill fest, please stay home.
Seriously, were they trying to traumatize their kids? I just don't get it.

Then there was the guy across the aisle who was texting throughout the movie. Remember the days when people talked on their cell phones? I don't know what is worse, the sound of someone jibber jabbing or the glow of the phone.

I almost chucked a Twizzler at him. However I suspected that would have been a waste, because he probably wouldn't have thought it was meant for him. Just like he probably thought all the signs that said "NO TEXTING DURING MOVIE" and repeated commercials that asked for us to "TURN OFF YOUR PHONE" didn't apply to him, either.

And the seats... when will theaters get hip and install over-stuffed reclining couches? So you can snuggle with your love or kick back and relax?

I think the bathrooms scared me more than the movie.
I have seen rest-stops that were immaculate compared to this place. You would think that a theater in the most affluent suburb of a major metro would at least having functioning toilets and soap.

I guess I should be happy that the movie was entertaining and nothing freakish happen to us.

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