Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here's another "Did you know?"

Did you know that you can not turn right on red at the intersection of 86th and Michigan?

I just received my first traffic ticket in over 8 years, for just doing that.

I've lived near this intersection for almost three years and never noticed the signs. People turn right on red all the time.

According to the officer that wrote my ticket, they've been there for over an year and it's all directions.

I was the last in a group of three cars that turned right onto 86th and he pulled us all over. Thankfully I got my ticket first and the officer even blocked traffic so that I could leave.

Of course I have no idea how much the fine is. Police are not longer allowed to put the fine amount on the ticket. I have to wait 7 to 10 business days and then look online at Considering the average speeding ticket is $125, that's the worse I can expect.

I will not fight it, I see it as paying for every other time I broke a traffic law and wasn't caught.

So here's a reminder "DO NOT TURN RIGHT ON RED AT 86TH AND MICHIGAN". Doesn't matter what direction you are going in.

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A said...

Ummm I did not know that either!!