Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easy Bathroom Decor Update

Okay, when we moved into our apartment we failed to notice that we did not have linen closet. Only when we started unpacking did I realize this not so great fact.

We bought the one of those crappy Target Over the Toilet Cabinet and dealt with it's boring yet functional appearance.
A few months later, I bought a hanging Cabinet at the thrift store for $1.50. They didn't really match and there was wax stain all over the front of the door.

At a random visit to Michaels, I found black wrinkled scrapbook paper and knew I had to buy every sheet they had. 8 sheets for 19cents a piece!

My husband was suspicious when he saw me break out the white glue and started measuring the cabinets and cutting up the paper. He then followed me into the bathroom and watched as I glued them onto the doors.

15 minutes later, and with only one coat of white glue for protection I was done.

Technically I still need to change the knobs on the bottom cabinets to match the upper, but I otherwise I am very happy with it.

Almost a year later, they are holding up really well, and you can't see where I had to piece the paper together. I don't think the paper on the doors are going to survive the move, so I will probably remove and then re-apply later.

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