Sunday, June 5, 2011


We all have them, that one piece of furniture from our husband's bachelor days that he refuses to get rid of. In my case, it's a recliner and it has seen better days. The upholstery is a crusty old beige cord. There are little holes all over the fabric, along with one massive one that is more than obvious.

But he loves it. He sits in it every day and before we got the Sleep Number bed, he often would sleep in in it. Now it sits in our office with a Devil's Rejects throw blanket hiding the worst.
A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon jean covered recliner on craftster. That's when I knew I wanted to recover DH's recliner, and vowed that when I had collected enough old jeans it would happen.
Fast forward to April 2011, I finally had enough jeans! I cut 2 different size blocks, 5"x5" and 10"x10" and began piecing them together. This was the most time consuming and back breaking part of the construction.
I then took an old bed sheet and turned the recliner on it's side to get a pattern. I could have removed the old fabric and made a pattern from it, but it is such a poor condition I feared it would be more hassle than it's worth.

So in random moments of boredom, I tucked and pinned and sewed. I finally finished it yesterday, after carefully stapling and hot-gluing it onto the chair!

There's even pockets on the side for whatever he wants to stuff in there!

And of course, once it was all finished. I noticed that there is red spot on one of the squares on the front of the seat! Dead center. I racked my brains for what it could be (yes, it was from one of my jeans and no, it's not what you think) and remembered it was nail polish! Thankfully it's not noticeable in these pictures and it's not very large.

And DH's first comment after he saw the finished project? YOU RUINED MY RECLINER

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