Friday, September 16, 2011

Button Art

Okay, So I am not really abandoning this blog. I am just going to post the more normal stuff here, and the spookier stuff at Horrorcraft.
Back to the craft. When my Grandmother passed away, I inherited her sewing kit. She kept it in an old hermit crab plastic cage. It was a scary mess. There was thread, safety pins, rusty needles, patches and random items thrown in. There were also buttons, lots and lots of buttons. I don't think she ever threw a button away.
So one afternoon, I braved Tetinus and I sorted the items in her kit and disposed of what could not be used. I soaked and scrubbed rust from most of the buttons, and sorted them by color.
Now what to do with all these buttons? I decided to make Button Art keepsakes for all the Granddaughters (I still need to do one for Ashley).
The first one I made was a butterfly for Riley (the second to the youngest Granddaughter). It was pretty easy using scrapbook paper for the background, wings and body. Then I use an inexpensive Michael's frame.

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