Sunday, October 26, 2008

Use Your Feed Readers!

You've seen it. That little orange box with that pops up on random pages. It's the RSS feed box and it can be your best friend. Sometimes it's accompanied by the instructions to "Subscribe".

For years I pretty much ignored those instructions. I really wasn't interested in reading blogs. I had friends who posted on LiveJournal, Myspace and IAM and they kept my interest for awhile.

Then I got serious with coupons and saving money. I started using GoogleReader.

Then I tried Internet Explorer's feed reader.

But I decided to switch back to Firefox and discovered I loved it's easy to use feed reader. I don't have to bother with subscribing off actual blog. I just click on the RSS symbol and it automatically adds it to my lists. I can easily delete and organize them as I see fit.

But the point is, any of these reader make it easy to keep up with the blogs out there. Don't be afraid to use them.

And while I am telling you to use them, I am also telling you to add the following Hot Money Saving blogs to your reader:
Money Saving Mom
Bargain Briana
Coupon Cravings
Censtible Sawyer
Be Censtable

You may find duplicate info on these Blogs, put they are all worth reading on a daily basis.

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