Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Old High School Camera

When I was in high school, I took a semester of Photography. As the pictures on this blog can attest, I am not very good.
My Grandmother worked for Drs. Dorothy and Marvin Schlegel. Retired College Professors they were very good to our family. On occasion I would take the bus to their home in Bay Colony and help with chores or make lunch. I have such fond memories of their home full of books, photo slides and collections of wonderful items from the many adventures they had.

Like I said, they were generous to me with the information and stories they shared, but Dorothy also lent me a beautiful vintage red dress for my first formal. Marvin, lent me his Praktica camera for my Photography class.

This camera was an antique before my mother was born and I certainly had the coolest camera in the class. My teacher was stunned at what I had to use, everyone had cheapo plastic 35 mm, but I had a real classic well made heavy camera with glass lenses.
Long story short, Marvin told me to keep the camera after the class ended because he had so many cameras and he hadn't missed this one.

It has sat in it's original leather case on display on a shelf and has traveled with me from place to place. I haven't used it in since high school.

Recently, I took it out of it's case which has fallen apart with age. Alas, I am saddened by the shape it's in. It has dust in all the wrong places, I can't open the film compartment, and there is hints of rust.

However, I am wondering where I may take it to have it cleaned and restored. I am not sure it's worth much to anyone but me but I still love it and treasure it as a reminder of Dorothy and Marvin.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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