Saturday, September 6, 2008

Did You Know?

Did you know that your local Dollar Tree sells your local Sunday Paper for $1.00? They also sell the early Sunday editions as well for $1.00.

I used to buy my paper there every Sunday, until Indy Star finally wised up to the fact that their subscribers don't like paying more than the cover price to have it delivered. They deliver it now for $1.00 a week as well.

I mention this, because I discovered a great blog called Taylor Town Preview which previews the upcoming Sunday coupons.

I seriously don't know how I never knew about this blog before.

I can see money saving potential by checking Taylor Town. Then buying the early Sunday edition and taking advantage of this weeks sales before the Drug and Department Stores change their sales on Sunday.

I just went and bought 4 papers because this is an awesome coupon week. There's coupons for Electrasol Finish Tablets for $2.25!


Bargain Briana Reviews said...

$1 for the local paper! How awesome! I'll have to remember that for when there are really awesome coupons. I don't have a Dollar Tree to close but if I was in the area doing my shopping anyway it would be worthwhile!!

EndureMyWorld said...

I've read on some forums that other dollar stores sell the local Sunday paper for $1.00.
So it might be worth a look at any other dollar store in your area, if you are not in Indy on Saturday or Sunday.

*sniff* I'm going to miss my beloved Jeff Saturday.