Saturday, September 6, 2008

Internet Printables

Internet Coupons-

Only in the past year have I started printing coupons from the internet. I had it in my head that I wasting more money on ink and paper then it was worth to print them.
Not so, as I learn that many of the internet sites print 3 or more coupons to a sheet, and some give you the option to print in black instead of color.

I’ve use them without incident at Walgreens, Target, Marsh, and Kroger.
Only recently at Meijer did I have a problem with a cashier who swore “we haven’t taken web coupons in years”.
After I told him that I had an email from Meijer corporate stating that Meijer does, he called the Team Leader who confirmed I was right.
The Walmart near my home refuses to accept them. I have emailed their store manager several times without response asking why that store refuses to accept them, but the Walmart coupon policy that is available online says they do.

Store Internet Coupons-
Target and A full cup offer Target Coupons
(These can be stacked with manufacturer coupons and you can print them at the Baby Registry kiosks inside Target!)
Meijer (Can not be stacked with manufacturer coupons)
Marsh doesn’t have its own online coupons, but directs you to
Kroger doesn’t have coupons printable from their page, but they do have a great program with and Proctor and Gamble allows you to load coupons onto your Kroger Plus card.

Internet Coupon Sites-
These sites have very similar coupons, but quite often one site will have a coupon for “75 cents off 3 Hamburger Helper” but another site will have it for “$1.00 off 3 Hamburger Helper”. So it may be worth it to check before printing or if you need multiple coupons.
Smart Source
Red Plum
Betty Crocker
Coupon Bug
Boxtops For Education
Proctor and Gamble

Slick Deals has a regularly updated list of Printables

And Coupons Inc has a list of Brinks Coupons as well.

And lastly Brand Coupons Sites-

If you are looking for a coupon for a specific item, try the product's website. I have had luck by going straight to the manufacturer. A couple of good examples are Sargento and Bertolli.

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